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Cuvrer S.r.l.s.    P.I.  02884030426    Via Albanacci 19    Castelfidardo 60022 (AN) Italy

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season 2020

ATMOSFERA was born with the season 2020: a collection that stands out from its laminated and glossy print and that recalls copper in its ideal condition.


For this reason the season is based on concepts such as solidity and gloss, characteristics of the metal. 



Atmosphere expresses delicacy and balance in the new season 2021.

The print is in velvet, a refined and precious material, much appreciated in the fashion world. A particular fabric, which touches and stimulates our senses, giving us unique sensations. 


season 2022ok

The ROSE GOLD is the essence of untreated copper, with its brilliant tone reflects the look used in electronics. The gold rose is the soul of Cuvrer 2022, the color of a refined transformation.


risorsa 1top

Copper oxide is taking its place in this new Cuvrer 2023 collection.
Time is consuming the character, which however retains its authenticity and value, in its new shade.

CUVRER OXIDED 2023, the color of an authentic preservation.

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